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DUI Defense Strategies: How to beat your DUI Charges

If you’ve been arrested for DUI, you’re going to want to stand up for your rights and mount the best DUI Defense possible.  This typically means hiring a DUI attorney to represent you.  Protecting oneself from false DUI charges or striving to minimize related sentences are efforts many people faced with a DUI adopt. Whether fighting for personal rights in circumstances involving faulty or misleading charges or attempting to eliminate the need for harsher consequences, people frequently interact with the law while at DUI court. Of course, such experiences may be especially difficult, both practically and emotionally, for drivers, especially when little to no prior legal experience has been acquired. Building and presenting a DUI defense can be achieved by drivers alone when determination, time, patience, and effort converge to allow the insight and understanding needed to launch a successful case. In the real world, however, drivers sometimes find that it is much less stressful –and potentially less time-consuming– to work with an attorney who has a professional background in cases that involve DUI charges.

A DUI Attorney can be your best DUI Defense

A DUI defense is sometimes used when drivers maintain that they were not under the influence of drugs or alcohol while driving, or that the specific circumstances of an arrest or of a test render the results unreliable. While being charged with a DUI is a serious matter, drivers are entitled to a range of rights, and employing these rights to fight against erroneous or poorly-formed charges can help free people from the blame and legal responsibility that accompany a conviction. When a driver wishes to contend that their charge is incorrect, relying on an attorney to provide counsel and guidance can go a long way towards improving confidence and boosting personal knowledge regarding the law. A DUI defense attorney is also likely to advocate for clients in court, help prepare and complete necessary documents, and provide general moral support.

Charges involving driving under the influence may not be contested, yet the proposed sentence may be a matter of contention. In such cases, a DUI defense attorney may be able to help explain mandatory minimum sentencing and work towards reducing larger fines and penalties if applicable. As the specific sentencing requirements related to DUI charges can change considerably depending upon the area in which the incident occurred, working with a local professional can be a good way to ensure that the possibilities of an individual case are fully understood and taken into consideration before a legal strategy is developed. A DUI defense attorney may be able to help clients get a sense of the likely outcome of their case, either during an initial consultation or further along in the DUI Defense process.

Your best DUI Defense depends on which State you Live in.

Each State has its own DUI Laws that dictate the DUI penalties and laws.

Staying confident and supported during the course of a DUI defense can be an important part of fostering a more positive experience. While dealing with a DUI charge isn’t likely to be much fun on its own, learning from the incident, especially in terms of legal proceedings, can help make the situation less of a personal burden. The support of friends and family can be of great help, but some drivers find that their interactions with an attorney provide the greatest source of support and confidence during difficult times. When drivers are able to make a quick phone call or have a meeting to discuss their concerns and learn more about their options, they may feel more in control of their situation, making it easier to effectively respond to charges that are false or which are accompanied by excessive sentences.

The importance of knowing one’s rights and standing up against injustices is central to the court system, and those drivers who take advantage of the tools and professional help available to them may find that creating a DUI defense can not only avoid unfair punishment, but can also create a greater sense of ability.

DWI Defense in Your State

Depending on the State in which you are charged, a DUI attorney can use several DWI defense tactics on your behalf. In many instances, a DWI case can be dismissed or charges may be reduced. A local DWI attorney will negotiate or plea-bargain your case to achieve the best possible outcome.

For example, a common DWI defense strategy is to question if field sobriety tests were properly administered. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has guidelines that must be followed in order for a field sobriety test to be valid. There are certain instances where a sobriety test should not be administered:

  • A person is overweight by at least 50 pounds *
  • 65 or older*
  • A person has a disability impeding balance, or has any back, ankle, leg or knee injuries*
  • Wearing shoes with two inch heels or higher

If any of the above conditions existed during your sobriety test, the test may be deemed invalid.

There are several DWI defense tactics an attorney can use to help with your case. The first step is to meet with a DWI attorney for a free consultation. Your attorney will review your case and the charges against you to determine the best strategy. It is important to share any information regarding your case openly and honestly with your attorney. If you inadvertently made statements to the arresting officers, you want to provide your attorney with that information.

Many States have instituted zero tolerance policies for driving while intoxicated. To find out how serious the crime is punished in your State, set up a free consultation with an attorney. You do not want to face these charges without the expert advice of an attorney.

A DWI conviction will stay on your record for a long time. In some States, it may stay on your record for 75 years or more. Your best strategy is to hire an attorney.

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